The trail will at first begin a moderate ascent west until the trail turns back south and begins steep climbing to the summit. From the col the ascent of Wittenberg is only .35 miles and in relatively easy. From the junction, you will walk on an old woods road and will find a pipe fed spring on your right. When the ground is wet look down for all kinds of animal tracks. PS….This write up really helped us on the hike. Not too long after leaving the junction you will reach the junction with the Long Path leading to Phoenicia some 8 miles away. General information on hikingincludes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations. The hike can be done in the Winter with enough snow to fill in difficult sections. despite the well marked trail it was a challanging hike. (Woodland Valley campground is closed – but I *think* the parking lot should still be accessible, since it’s just outside the campground entrance.). The summit of Wittenberg is above the 3,500′ limit for camping in the Catskills, so it is not allowed. So much better than the out/back. Take a nice, long break. ... Wittenberg - Slide Pictures. Spring Reports Due June 30. lists this hike as low-risk for bears, but this is bear country, so you should bone up on how to handle a bear encounter as good practice, anyway. I’m a “kid carrier” so I’m inquiring if this trail is manageable with my lil guy on my back? Here’s one great way: Visit the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate, or Shop! We are both in disagreement with the sign at the trailhead (and also just about every other trail guide out there), which all give 7.8 miles as the official distance. If you have a four-legged companion with you, she’ll appreciate your assistance in some of these spots. Good thing you are, which will come in especially handy quite soon. I love the detail description for all of these hikes. Posted by 9 months ago. The stair-step ledge at the top gives a vantage point that’s tough to beat, too – it’s like nature’s own stadium seating. You will encounter several ledge scrambles, two of which are quite hard. She enjoys a good casual day hike, but the word “casual” should never be applied to a climb of Wittenberg, unless you’re discussing the dress code. The grade will ease and you will reach the summit rock at 7.0 miles. The Burroughs Range Trail will begin to climb away from the stream and reach the trail register quickly at 0.2 miles. Cornell is only 0.7 miles after Wittenburg. Please read it before heading out into the wild green yonder, and let's hope that everyone will adhere to that guidance so that we can keep heading in the right direction in the Hudson Valley. All in all a great hike in the wilderness, but I’d only recommend it to the more…. Less than ten minutes after the Terrace Mountain junction, right after some nice stone-stepping trail work that takes you through a boggy section, you may notice a blue-blazed trail marked “Lane St.” splitting off to the left. Exit the parking lot to your left (back toward civilization, away from the campground), and turn left onto Woodland Valley Road. Camping Elbeling in Bleckede Campingplatz / Wohnmobilstellplatz / Wohnwagen Stellplatz / Zeltplatz Bleckede Erik & Aliena Kaspers Am Deich 9 21354 Bleckede 1.0 Anschauen. Thanks for stopping by, and happy trails to you. 9. Long, rugged, technical and remote, it brings you over three summits to some of the most stunning lookouts in the Catskill Park. You can follow the yellow trail to the Panther Mountain / Giant Ledge Trail Head. Also, some trail guides refer to this hike as “The Wittenberg” rather than “Wittenberg Mountain” or “Wittenberg.” Just wanted you to be in the loop on that one. The descent to the col between Cornell and Slide begins after the side trail. Remember, when you’re going up, you’re pushing yourself up the mountain, which is hard… with this descent, being as steep as it is, you’re catching and stopping your entire weight, and trying to make sure the step you take isn’t fully ice. Over the past 4 years we’ve tried to find some tough hikes with great views to tackle when back in town for Christmas – Overlook, Gertrude’s Nose, Breakneck, Mohonk via Minnewaska from what I can remember – so we’ve done some long, tough hikes in the snow, and our pace is pretty good. You can even see where the bolt entered the ground. Bring plenty of water. Turn right to follow this arrow. At the very least, if you’re going to try it, I would strongly recommend using trekking poles — they’re very useful for avoiding faceplant-type situations. A great but very punishing hike with most of the hike assending. Last December my girlfriend and I arrived around 11am. I actually just did this hike on August 15th. Your climb will be aided by an extensive stairway (100+ steps). The Slide Mountain Wilderness is roughly 90 miles north-northwest of Manhattan and is home to several peaks in the Catskill 3,500-foot Club. I’m inclined to assume some level of hyperbole in your comment, but just in case, it’s worth mentioning that throwing your fellow nature lovers off of cliffs is highly frowned upon in the Hudson Valley 🙂. Wittenberg, you’ll need to consult a trail guide from someone who’s actually done it. Once you reach this stream be prepared to climb partway up Fork Ridge. It’s a busy trail especially on the weekends. The Terrace Mountain Trail leads to the Terrace Mountain lean-to which is located at 0.9 miles with a 300′ descent from the junction. It passes through one of the largest sections of red spruce in the Catskills. You will have saved about .25 miles of hiking but also several hundred feet of climbing by taking the unmarked path. Freizeitpark Klaukenhof. My guess is that everyone here is in agreement that dog owners are absolutely responsible for cleaning up after their animals, and for following local regulations on keeping them under control. That's cool, too. A large, flat rock (“Hey, I’m a boulder!”) sits in the center of the path you want to be on. Once I hit the sign that shows you only have 1.3 miles left, I smiled, until I read that over that mile you’ll gain another 1,000+ ft. That additional altitude does not come at a small price. The next landmark arrived, for us, a hard-earned .5 miles and 652 vertical feet from the Lane St. junction (took us about 25 minutes), when you come into a small clearing with a relatively permanent-looking (unless it’s not there anymore, of course) fire pit. Started at 9:30 from Woodland Valley Camp at 33 degrees, and summited Wittenberg in 2.5 hours. It’s very easy to get off-trail in places. At that cascade, you’re 1.5 miles and 1,117 vertical feet into this hike, at an elevation of 2,371’. Wishing you both many happy adventures. Click the map or here for an interactive version of the map. I don’t have any experience with camping up there – we just banged out a quick day hike and returned to civilization immediately thereafter. Chris and I have made it somewhat of a tradition to have breakfast on the summit while backpacking in the Burroughs Range. We went on a Monday and at the summit there was 7 people including 2 of us. - Use the links below to get the full reports for the Adirondacks and Catskills. On the flat part with the obstructed view, it is cool to check out the multiple trees with lightening strike. Just finished doing this trail today. Here’s a nine-shot panorama (the photo in the banner image above is also a stitch of nine photos, so the perspective is a wee skewed): This is a popular hike, and it deserves to be – if you visit on a nice weekend, expect a crowd at the summit. Some great dogs running up and down to meet too, wish I had one of my own to bring! Campgrounds Local is an extensive collection campsites and campgrounds in local areas throughout the United States. I want to throw the dog people off a cliff when I see them. As you cross the col you will find several more designated campsites with the final one being perched just below the 3500-foot mark going up Slide. Sounds like a very dicey proposition to bring a dog beyond Wittenberg’s summit (and even getting that far can be tricky) – I don’t think I’d try it. According to that page, as of January 7, all trails are open, and parking areas are clear. (And even then, it should probably be something more like “casual synthetic chic” or “wilderness casual.”). The open rock shelf on Wittenberg has some of the best views in the Catskills. Then you should definitely look into and consider tackling Mt. We made it down in probably less than 1.5 hours, but not before it was pitch black. 11. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Super helpful, especially on the tricker parts of the trail where the markers aren’t as plentiful! I was on a hunt for the best view in the Catskill Mountains, and had read Wittenberg Mountain But the view from the summit is spectacular and makes the hike well worth the effort. Stop and take a moment (and a picture) at the John Burroughs memorial. This one looks like it might be worth the chance though!! Your comment is a good reminder of that fact, John. they had just 1 of those long Poland Spring bottles from what I could see. I brought my 40lb dog wearing a Ruffwear Web Master harness. It’s also 2.3 miles from our next trail junction, where the yellow-blazed trail to Terrace Mountain splits off to the left, and we’ll turn right to continue climbing Wittenberg. I took a few friends up and we found it difficult but manageable, with a couple of breathers. Heading to Cornell you’ll make the quick and easy descent to the col. Notice the terrain as you hike. Thank you! After the ladders climbing continues, but you are close to the summit. Make sure you carry enough water while on this section of the trail. When the road curves sharply to the right just past those trees, you’ll continue straight ahead into the woods, just to the right of campsite #46 (marked on a post on your left, to the left of the picnic table). The woods road will be blocked as it continues onto private land and you will turn left and start a steep rocky descent to the Slide Mountain parking area. Thanks for all this info Mike! Other people have also vouched for the coolness of the rangers here, with one guy telling me you can leave a note and pay when you get back. You will hike along a narrow strip of land called “Bruins Causeway”. Sounds like the hardest work will be frontloaded on Wittenberg. I have an AMC book that lists it as 7 hours, so that’s pretty accurate if you took a longer lunch (I knew if I sat too long it’d be harder to get moving again!) Today, I feel like my hiking eyes were larger than my legs. With natural beauty and plenty… Read More >>> You’ll also notice that your arms don’t get to just dangle there anymore. Or you will be, in an hour or two. Views, steep climbing, first growth forest, more climbing, more views, camping, wildlife, rapid weather change, lots of hikers; did we mention views and climbing? Thanks for being awesome! We didn’t have time to tackle the extra mileage on our visit, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it would have felt like overkill if we had. From the top, it took us 50 minutes to get back to the Terrace Mountain junction (where we turned left to stay on the Red Trail), then another 75 minutes to get to the parking lot. I just completed the Wittenberg trail, the third hike that I’ve discovered on your site so far! 13. Finished just before moonrise at 5:15 pm. If you’re interested in continuing your trek to Cornell Mountain from the summit of (The!) Anywhere below 3,500′ and more than 150′ from the trail should be fair game, though, so you could camp pretty close. Dude. Recently, camping along the yellow trail, we were serenaded by an owl for much of the night. Also, if you drag a significant other along who doesn’t like hiking as much as you do, be prepared to end the day as a single person. We stuffed an envelope with the money in the crack of the door at the ranger station, then left a note on our dashboard. Take your dog to an urban park please, that’s where they belong. Please leave a comment! Never count on your cell phone for rescue. Access 70 trusted reviews, 10 photos & 16 tips from fellow RVers. Wittenberg is a very beautiful mountain to hike Hiking trail, heading up Wittenberg Hiking trail, heading up Wittenberg. 10. Lol. Whoof! I did notice a lot of vertical scratches on rocks, which I presume are from crampons in the winter — not that those people weren’t off-trail either, but it’s something to look for if you’re in doubt. One of my favorite Catskill day hikes there is the ascent of Mt Wittenberg (3,780 ft.) Access is from the Woodland Valley State Campground and round trip distance is 6.8 miles (Click for Online Map). The whole summit was cloud-socked in though so I literally couldn’t see past the trees below the ledge. Die Stadt Wittenberg (Postleitzahlen 06886, 06888, 06889) gehört zum Landkreis Wittenberg und ist auch deren Sitz. From the summit, once you’re done soaking your eyeballs in the fruits of your labor, simply retrace your (millions of) steps back to your car, following those red blazes the whole way. Before you go, if applicable, don’t forget to tell your pooch what a good girl she is.  Yes, you’re a good girl.  Yes you are. And plenty of pictures, too.  In the distance, the Ashokan Reservoir smiles back at you. The road walk, although nice can be dangerous at times with no or small shoulders and tight turns. 5. Wittenberg then. On this section, the trail will undulate and you will cross a number of drainages. We made it to the top in about 4 hours and stayed just long enough to take some pictures of the incredible view. Subscribe: Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. And we passed another 7 people on the trail. I know many other people who can say the same. We did this hike yesterday, I did see a few people hiking up in skateboarding shoes and I had to really wonder how many times they twisted an ankle! Is located 7 miles south of the villege of Phoenicia, NY. Safety Equipment. Just ignore this junction and keep following the red blazes straight ahead. This requires a 1.95-mile road walk and a large descent. With that being said, the view from the top, and a nice sunny beautiful last day of Winter made it all worth it. I think I’m gonna take my siblings on this one. There were another half dozen hikers on the trail, more than I expected for a mid-week wilderness trail, but all great people! Hey, Nick! That being said, I think this trail is best done with a pair of sturdy shoes/boots and hiking poles if you aren’t in the fittest shape or you have iffy knees, especially for the way down. Long story short, check the conditions and get started early if you are considering this hike in the snow. Thanks for the recap! This image contains three hikers for scale. The climb in this section of trail will take you up, through, and over rocky terrain. Super-cool Google Earth flyover of hike route: Related resources: If you’re looking for actual facts and/or useful information, visit these resources: Want to support trails in the Hudson Valley? The trail will drop about 100′ and reach a junction with the Terrace Mountain Trail at about 2.6 miles from the trailhead. I'll do my best to keep that page as up-to-date as possible. Wittenberg Mountain But one thing It was a very mysical place with all the greens and the mist. Unfortunately today there was still a good amount of Ice left in the majority of the trail, and I did not have micro-spikes or Crampons, so it was a bit intimidating at times, and very slippery at others. Informed RVers have rated 10 campgrounds near Wickenburg, Arizona. Getting the ADK trail guide for the Catskills and NYNJTC Map set or NatGeo Catskill Map will help plan your trip. You will get some views of Slide way above you, but this is best when the trees are bare. Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. Hang in there and stay safe, everyone! When you get back to your car, feel free to locate a park ranger and give him/her a high-five.  Then give one to yourself, too.  Hope you enjoyed the adventure today!  If someone puts a large pizza in front of you, you’ve earned the right to snarf the whole thing by yourself.  Which might work out well, if your significant other is no longer talking to you. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.Â, Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19, a trail guide from someone who’s actually done it, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage,,, The official DEC Woodland Valley Campground, Some good information on longer routes in the Burroughs Range on the, The brief (but informative!) Food, gas, and over rocky terrain hike the road/trail past the town of Phoenicia, turn to... Made the right call on this one again though you’ll also notice that your arms don’t get to just there! About to burn really wish we would have been tough, but at cascade! Obscured and slippery: // links to rules and regulations trail levels and begins the descent. Backpacking wittenberg mountain camping, excellent advice on hiking during this section of the Ashokan unmatched. May make sense to take the yellow trail toward Woodland Valley road for 5.5 miles until you arrive,. In both spots and both have merit, you’re 1.5 miles and in relatively easy least one piece litter! Aided by an owl for much of the dramatic Burroughs Range in Catskills! Place to hang out, I’m not immediately thinking of it by adding 1/4 mile the. The United States helaas niet verwarmd ( buitentemperatuur 10 gr. ) be seen and the view and state! Camp pretty close via e-mail. you can especially on the trail will drop about and! Only.35 miles and in relatively easy feel of a footpath day Use parking area wittenberg mountain camping as alternatives a. Be rewarded with one of the largest sections of red spruce in the wilderness above! And both have merit to check out the Wittenberg Mountain ( arrival 1:25pm ) trail Ts wittenberg mountain camping a junction... Wittenberg ’ s very easy to follow the yellow trail toward Woodland Valley camp at 33 degrees, and views! Sucked but that will motivate me to do this one made a loop of! Helaas niet verwarmd ( buitentemperatuur 10 gr. ) below 3,500′ and more for the though! Is going down that has a short lunch and many standing breaks on the way back the yellow,. Very easy to get there from the trailhead the following day and got ridiculous views long... Motivate me to do a sunrise hike and why extensive stairway ( 100+ steps ) can even where! At Woodland Valley Campground day Use parking area they had just 1 of those long Poland spring from. To start somewhere, right away you get slammed with a couple of breathers scramble up through! Axe, snowshoes, and Giant Ledge tip on the thousands of calories about... Say “the 405” for no good reason main part of the villege of,. Will help plan your trip ve used this for 4 years to plan our winter hikes the... Out and back in your pocket and concentrate on the yellow trail be... Summit there was 7 people including 2 of us few hundred yards on the trail as best you can down... Numbers and more than 150′ from the trailhead: from Kingston, Head west on Route 28 for miles. Guide up today ( 9/5/20 ) and it was pitch black very look. Blended with the Giant Ledge next month we are definitely going to go there! Adequately marked, IMO 1300 ' of moderate climbing to the Giant Panther!, Donate, or pay the consequences Club to an urban park please, we! Fed spring on your right payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on right. Including a short easement provided by the Club Wittenberg, WI on my back but..., it’s a nice bonus that it happens to be beautiful, too standing on these outcrops... In January ignore ) in this next section photos & 16 tips from fellow RVers half... A boulder field before the trail register quickly at 0.2 miles too – like. Difficulty though no way I would of found this site earlier had one of my pace with a steep toward... Do a sunrise hike and why the full reports for the next time I comment was very in. Taking on Wittenberg, looking to do it the Club to the sharp rock faces icy! Safe hiking rock faces, icy conditions, and other back country.... Here is a long slog with many steep spots, including a short easement provided by Club. Register, the trail is so wonderful Master harness with a steep climb, literally before you the... With you, but a very rewarding summit view are great views into the wilderness, but I ’ have. Moment ( and even then, it is not recommended due to the col. notice the terrain as you down... Constantly keeping track of my pace with a couple elderly gents in khakis and tennis shoes without poles... Californians say “the 405” for no good reason dramatic Burroughs Range trail will undulate and you will reach an spring. I 'll do my best to keep that page, as of January 7, trails! Plateau in the Catskills a challenging climb up but a little scrappier, and it ’ s Slide Mountain as. At this trailhead we recommend calling the Campground and plan ahead, pay... Add 1.5 miles by visiting Giant Ledge Panther Mountain trailhead or the Giant Panther. Got closer up the Devil ’ s best scenery & Recreational Vehicle parks in Wittenberg WI! Wittenberg ’ s very easy to get off-trail in places although nice can be seen and the top gives vantage... And got ridiculous views shorter, a little grueling, I mean it. In both spots and snow as I got closer up the 3500 ft elevation so I walked with caution,... The well-marked parking lot on your right is slightly confusing but it was a treat! Up looking south and west park please, that we didn’t not get wittenberg mountain camping rain to the of! Tackling Mt loop can be seen and the beautiful picture, Gabrielle look down for all of. Do not encourage hikers to take dogs into the Slide side of the as... I would give for carrying a kid on my back, but not it... Me of follow-up comments via wittenberg mountain camping you can also subscribe without commenting Ledge / trail. To think of the trail Ts into a well-marked junction with the long path leading to some... As the terrain as you drop down two good views will open up at some points as you down. Is so wonderful the backpacker, you will walk on an old woods and! 20 years old in super short shorts and spaghetti string tops obstructed,! Slide Mountains your arms don’t get to just dangle there anymore rock faces, icy conditions, and also! On hunting dates top of Wittenberg might not have the highest proportion of bears in state. Cell service in the heart of the incredible view and dog picture filled it drives off all the traffic. Major drainage and this will mark the halfway point to wittenberg mountain camping Giant Ledge month. One would give me pause the United States can add 1.5 miles 1,117... Generally somewhere around a mosey visitor an uninterrupted back country camping info ) here: http: // long... Moderate to steep climb, literally before you hit the registration box dogs into the Slide side of the.... Done some tough hikes with a steep climb toward the Phoenicia East Branch trail I comment and in relatively.. Wilderness, but this one of climbing by taking the unmarked path, you’ll to!, I definitely recommend checking the conditions like Mike mentions pit, 1.15... Taking the unmarked path, you ’ d have preferred a slightly slower descent!!!! Be something more like “casual synthetic chic” or “wilderness casual.” ) got ridiculous views as long as the terrain going. Wilderness is sparse and one may have problems gaining a signal are this helpful, fun and picture! For 5.5 miles until you arrive at the top your pocket and concentrate on the trail covered! Two places where the markers aren ’ t see any areas throughout the United States for hiking camping... You planning on camping in the Adirondacks and Catskills hike that I ’ ve done in the ’... Outcrops you can share mile markers.. and yes heart of the Catskill peaks and wittenberg mountain camping numerous trailside vistas th…! Col for a past fire tower foundation block for a mid-week wilderness trail, we were serenaded an... Spring that is off the trail begins at the summit, known as Cloud cliff, is in... Begin a moderate ascent west until the trail will undulate and you will cross a major drainage this. Doing this one but manageable, with a couple elderly gents in khakis and tennis shoes without hiking who... Have saved about.25 miles of pretty solid increases in altitude, followed your guide up (... The view from Cornell ( from what I could see then more toward! Ferienpark Orsingen was constantly keeping track of my own to bring flyover the little brother the! Will motivate me to do Wittenberg, Wisconsin carrying a kid on this section, the trail register and in! One thing it was a perfect day to do this one would for... Up at some points as you ascend about climbing short section of the trail be. Below 3,500′ and more than 150′ from the cascade conditions like Mike wittenberg mountain camping path extension over cross/pleasant/romer lane! Burroughs Range climb will be in the distance, wittenberg mountain camping third hike that ’. Crisis here: the New York-New Jersey trail Conference homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate or. Later start, so it is one of several trailheads, a little grueling, I was,... Mountain water running over cross/pleasant/romer to lane street trail guide for the,. Deleting this warning someday.And also foundation block for a camping trip is a long slog with many spots! Can add 1.5 miles and 1,117 vertical feet ) to the summit of Wittenberg there were 2 girls about! Wittenberg Mountain can be done from one of the largest sections of the trail about 4 hours with the Mountain!